Do You Have Multiple Income Streams This Tax Season?


Life is complicated. For the modern entrepreneur, even more so. You know how it is. You gave up stability for adventure long ago, trading a monthly paycheck for a dozen streams of hard-earned, perfectly timed, disrupt-the-status-quo income. You spend more time in airport lounges than your own living room, and you know exactly how you like to spend two things: time and money.

Life is short. Your refund is waiting. Get at it today.

Money can’t buy happiness? To you, the jury’s still out. But time? Time is precious, no doubt about it. At tax season, you refuse to waste either. You want every penny you’re owed, and you refuse to squander a second getting it back. It’s hustlers like you that inspired us to put our money where our mouth was, guaranteeing we’ll help you get your highest possible refund while ensuring your return will be error-free. And our proprietary tools put time on your side and money in your pocket:

  • Document Upload App: Import W-2s and PDFs with the snap of your camera.
  • Error-Free Guarantee: Our state-of-the-art error checker alerts you of problem areas.
  • Free Email & Phone Support: We’ll help you get unstuck. No charge, no sweat.
  • Audit Assistance: If Uncle Sam comes calling, we’ll stand by your side.

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Our 50 years of service have put a few trophies on our shelf. We’re couldn’t be happier to be among the highest rated software for tax professionals, according to the National Association of Tax Professionals. And our plans start at just $0. That’s right, free. It’s no wonder we’re one of the largest online tax filing platforms in the world. This year, we’ll help 10 million Americans file state and federal taxes. Simply, quickly, and accurately.

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Get a jump on the year’s most anticipated check–and least anticipated task. With TaxSlayer, you don’t have to wait to get your W-2 to discover your tax refund. Your can actually take your first step toward refund city right this minute with this free tax refund calculator. We’ll even save your work until you’re ready to finish it off. Be the first to claim your refund this year. See your tax refund estimate now.

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