Finally, $0 Tax Prep Software That’s Actually Impressive


They say the best things in life are free. If filing your taxes is free, does that make it one of the best things in life? Probably not. But better? Absolutely. At TaxSlayer, we’ve spent the last 50 years helping good people file their taxes quickly and maximize their refunds. And we happen to believe that a simple filing shouldn’t cost you. Perhaps that’s why we’re one of the largest online tax preparation platforms in the world. This year, we’ll help 10 million Americans file taxes online.

$0 Federal. $0 State. 0 Time Wasted.

We’ll help you E-file your 2017 taxes, state and federal, without breaking the bank. Or a sweat. Our error-free guarantee means you can rest assured that your work has been checked by our geeky little algorithms for problem areas. And our free email and phone support is there 24/7 to help you get unstuck. No charge, no strings attached.

Free Tools for Getting the Job Done

What’s better than a free 1040ez? Fast and free online tax filing. Our high-tech tools make your job easier and faster. And many of the same tools we designed for our top-level plans are available to you at no charge:

  • PDF Import: Upload documents with the snap of your camera.
  • Tax Return Calculator: Get a sneak peek at Uncle Sam’s coming check.
  • Step-by-Step Deduction Guide: Can you write off that avocado? We’ll help you find out.

Ready to slay? Estimate your tax refund today.

Get a jump on the year’s most anticipated check–and least anticipated task. With TaxSlayer, you don’t have to wait to get your W-2 to discover your tax refund. Your can actually take your first step toward refund city right this minute with this free tax refund calculator. We’ll even save your work until you’re ready to finish it off. Be the first to claim your refund this year. See your tax refund estimate now.

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