Filing Your Taxes As Single This Tax Season?


At TaxSlayer, we know a thing or two about the single life. We know how building a career can put bags under your eyes and crumbs in your keyboard. That Aunt Mary’s setups will never move past the first awkward coffee date. And that tax time better take as little time as possible. Refund processing, ditto.

Yours is a life filled to the max. Our mission? More time, less tax.

A Hyperfast Process for the Get it Done Crowd

Your life is complicated. But your taxes are actually pretty straightforward. Chances are you don’t own your own business. And those questions about owning farmland? Look at these shoes. Please. You need a tax prep process that’s as efficient as you are. So we’ve created tools with your busy lifestyle in mind.

File from your Desktop, Tablet, or Phone

Wish you could just snap a picture of your W-2 and call it good? Wish granted. Our PDF and W-2 import tool make simple filings just that: simple.

Guaranteed to be Error-Free

Our algorithms have learned to check for common errors so you can be confident that your filing is as accurate as your day is active.

Maximum Refund Guaranteed

You read that right. We back our service with a 100% maximum refund guarantee. Get back every penny you’re owed, or don’t pay us a dime.

A Name You Can Trust, a Price You Can Afford

Our technology is cutting edge. But us? We’ve been here a while. In fact, we’ve literally filed millions of tax returns since our start in the stone age more than 50 years ago. Our plans start at $0. That’s right, free. It’s no wonder we’re one of the largest online tax filing platforms in the world. This year, we’ll help 10 million Americans file state and federal taxes. Simply, quickly, and accurately. And we guarantee that we’ll secure the maximum refund for each and every one.

Ready to slay? Estimate your tax refund today.

Get a jump on the year’s most anticipated check–and least anticipated task. With TaxSlayer, you don’t have to wait to get your W-2 to discover your tax refund. Your can actually take your first step toward refund city right this minute with this free tax refund calculator. We’ll even save your work until you’re ready to finish it off. Be the first to claim your refund this year. See your tax refund estimate now.

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